Why should we be so blessed?

I had my iTunes on shuffle the other day while I was working, and a Brett Dennen song came on with the line “In a world of suffering, why should I be so blessed?”

That one line really got me thinking.  It is kind of hard not to start reflecting on your life when you are asked something like that.  “Why should I be so blessed?”

– Why am I lucky enough to have the amazing parents I do?

– Why was I born in the United States?

– Why can I choose from 10 different restaurants to eat at tonight?

– Why do I have friends that support me and care about me?

– Why do I have supportive siblings that have taught me so much?

– Why do I have a car to drive?

– Why do I have teachers, pastors and mentors to learn from?

– Why do I have the freedom to pursue any dream I want with my life?

Some people might argue that they are blessed because they work hard, study hard and treat people well.  I absolutely believe that these things will get you further in life but I also think that you would agree those things could still be taken away from you in a second.  You probably know a few hard working and kind people that have seen their life take a negative turn because of circumstances that are out of their control.

This all sounds pretty cliché and you are probably expecting me to say that you should be grateful for what you have, which you should, but that’s not the point.  Honestly, why do you have all these things in your life when millions of others don’t?  Why was this given TO YOU?  Do you ever ask yourself that?

Maybe it wasn’t only so you can practice appreciation but maybe it was so that you can do something with it.

– Did you get a raise so you could buy a nicer car or so you could donate more?

– Were you blessed with knowledge and skills so that you can get a raise or so that you can teach others to grow?

– Were you blessed with loving people around you so that you can feel good or so that you can share that love with people only you have access to?

When you take a step back and look at how the world is balanced out, it really doesn’t seem fair.  It is naïve to think that this world will ever be fair, but I also think that it is illogical to not strive to make it more balanced.

I really don’t have an answer for why you have been given the things in your life.  I doubt you do either.  So should we just sit on the fact that we are one of the lucky few, or should we take that as an opportunity to make this world a little more fair?

My fear is that you will take this as something to make you feel guilty for not helping others when that is not what I want.  I simply want you to think about the question of “why are you so blessed?”  I think that if you are honest with yourself while searching for an answer to that question, that it might change the way you view the circumstances in your life.

Your turn.  “Why are you so blessed?”

One thought on “Why should we be so blessed?

  1. Kyle,

    Like you said we probably don’t know the answer to why we are blessed, but we all should know that it is for a reason. This reason could be to help others or maybe change the world. We as Americans tho take all that we have for granted, but there are few of us who know what its like to not have everything especially if you have been to third world countries or just lived in the lower class. Who ever is reading this Blog tho now has a chance to make a change and bless those who bless them. “I will Bless those who Bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and ALL THE PEOPLES ON THE EARTH WILL BE BLESSED THROUGH YOU.” Genesis 12:3.

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